Playground Doctrine

  • Winner of the 2020 Lascaux Prize for Creative Nonfiction. This breathless flash CNF piece, featured in Atlas and Alice, explores a fourth grade playground incident, and the disheartening reality of growing up in a small-minded farm town in the 1970s.

Once Upon an Autumn Breeze

  • Featured in Fudoki Magazine, this fable is a fusion of Chinese and European themes (kind of like my family). An earlier version of this story appeared in The Writers’ Cafe Magazine Issue 18.

And They Lived Happily Ever After

  • Featured in Writers Resist, this nonfiction piece is told in the format of a 2-column table. It features a few of the ridiculous things our mixed-race family has heard over the years.

Silver Dollar Davis and the Mediocre Meteorite Caper

  • Featured in the December 2020 issue of Defenestration. This screwball comedy stars Silver Dollar Davis, Velocity Jones and City Boy in a spectacular space rock heist — because they really want a new ski boat. This story is a sorta-sequel to Teeth, Hair, and Eyes, LLC from Defenestration’s April 2019 issue. Enjoy!

First to Market

  • Featured in Sundial Magazine, this historical micro is part of my series featuring the illicit trade in holy relics during the Middle Ages.

Point of View

  • A body turns up dead in a spaceport docking bay, and a jaded detective is assigned to the case. This flash is featured in issue 267 of AntipodeanSF.


  • Nominated for Best Microfiction 2021! Sometimes, the only way to get through tragedy is to put your emotions on hold and focus on the work. This is a very short story, but it’s not a light read. Featured in XRAY Lit Mag.

The Frame of a Life

  • This story explores love and family secrets as discovered by a dutiful granddaughter. I hope this story helps shine a light on the limitations our grandmothers faced, and how those constraints affected the following generations. This story won 2nd place in the WOW Women on Communication Summer 2020 Flash Fiction Contest.

Black Market

  • Historical fiction about the holy relic trade at the dawn of the Black Death in Europe, this story is featured in Nope 2: Too Late; Didn’t Run by TL;DR Press. This story won 6th overall in the 2019 NYCMidnight Short Story Competition, and was first published in Blood and Blasphemy by Hellbound Books.

The Potential of Radio and Rain

  • Moonshot Rodriguez and Gracie Lynn Johnson are teenagers trying to find their way through life in the Texas Panhandle in the 1980s. Check out this little micro at New World Writing. I hope it gives you a taste of a summer night under the stars.

5 Ways to Fail at Killing the Centipede on Your Ceiling Because Your Husband is Laughing Too Hard to Help and Why Even Be Married if You Still Have to Kill Your Own Bugs?

  • Featured at Funny Pearls!

Dreams, Encased

  • This story is included in Endless Pictures, an anthology of winning stories from TL;DR Press’s inaugural Flash Fiction contest. Sales of the book benefit First Story, a charity that supports young writers. This mosaic-style fantasy focuses on the eternal relationships among mothers, daughters, and granddaughters.


  • Featured in The Daily Drunk, this micro story was inspired by a kidney stone. Yes, I realize this is (possibly) in poor taste. I hope you laugh anyway!

Air So Thick

  • Featured in Flash Flood Journal, this historical flash is set in my hometown during the Dust Bowl era, shortly after the massive Black Sunday storm. This story was also featured in The Writer’s Cafe Magazine’s Maps & Landscape issue, won the WOW! Summer 2019 Flash Competition, and placed on the Finalist List in the 2020 New Millennium Writing Flash Fiction Prize.

The Legend of Garalinda

  • A bumbling fairy godmother has a final chance to grant the wish of retired Princess Susan–and save her own magical reputation in the process. This short fairy tale is featured in Fudoki Magazine.

The Posh City

  • Featured in LOL Comedy, this is the story of a deranged goat, a runaway three-wheeler, and a couple of feisty grandmothers. I hope it makes you laugh.

Driving Like a Boss

  • Included in Furious Gravity IX, A Grace and Gravity Anthology of women writers from the Washington, DC-area. This is the story of an introverted mom trying to advocate for her child in a hyper-competitive DC suburb. And also a water-skiing dinosaur. Available on Kindle and from Politics & Prose.

Book Club Dip

  • Featured in the Spring 2020 issue of Funny Pearls. This flash is written in recipe format, with an eye toward revenge.

The Collection

  • A tale of a young body snatcher and the evil Collector who hunts her. Featured in Issue 8 of Twist in Time magazine.

Dust Devil

  • Loosely inspired by my grandmother, this is a short look at how much I hate the wind in Oklahoma. Featured in Reflex Fiction.

Midnight at the Crossroads Diner

  • Set in 1970 Tishomingo, Oklahoma, this is a story of rock & roll and a young waitress named Tammy. Featured in Issue 5 of Twist in Time Literary Magazine.

American Ouroboros

  • Included in the Writers Resist special issue on gun violence, this short political satire was inspired by the daily terror of dropping a child off at school.

Penny the Poisonmonger: An Origin Story

  • Featured in Best Indie Speculative Fiction 2020. Penny has withstood a lifetime of disappointment, but she is finally pushed over the edge by…a piece of burnt toast? This story originally appeared in the August 2019 issue of Enchanted Conversation: Fairy Tales, Folktales & Myths.

It’s Not Christmas Without Butter

  • What’s more festive than a middle-of-the-night text rant? This little story is featured in the holiday issue of Funny Pearls. I hope it makes you laugh.


  • Featured in the Autumn 2019 issue of Mad Scientist Journal. This story follows combat search & rescue specialist Lana McGee, and Diamond, her Hero-Class German Shepherd, on a secret mission.

First Impressions

  • This is the true story of Dolores the Raccoon and her ongoing campaign to take over my house. Featured in the October 2019 issue of Funny Pearls.

Be Sure

  • Featured in Unlikely Stories Mark V. This short social satire was inspired by the ridiculous state of American health care, particularly practices in long-term care facilities.

Teeth, Hair & Eyes, LLC

  • Featured in the April 2019 issue of Defenestration. Tod’s lost. Merle’s bored. Pearl’s angry. Should these oddball characters be together? And what about the road devil?

Unfit for Domestication

  • Can the memory of a scent make you crazy? Yes, it can. Forthcoming in the garden lit magazine GreenPrints, this nonfiction essay details the antics instigated by our tabletop orange tree.

Little Tiger

  • Featured in Copperfield Review, this is a father & son story set in Eastern China in 208 B.C. I hope you like it!

Good Deal

  • All Red Angus the Goat wants is to sleep on cars and eat vinyl. All Bobbie Sue wants is her wedding ring back. This unlikely team-up won an honorable mention in the WOW! Women on Communication Fall 2018 Flash Fiction Contest. The story also won the popular vote and an editor’s pick in the YeahWrite weekly flash grid in October 2018.

Jesus Machine

  • Featured in Daily Science Fiction, this micro story was inspired by a weird dream about dirty socks and kitchen utensils.

How to Feed the Yellow Cat

  • Featured in Dead Housekeeping, this short essay explores my Grandfather’s complex relationship with Grandma and the cats that ruled their home.

Product of His Environment

  • Featured in the Akashic Books Terrible Twosdays flash series. Who knew kung fu could be so confusing? Please enjoy this short nonfiction story.

Family Health, Day One

  • Featured in the Akashic Books Terrible Twosdays flash series, this short nonfiction piece describes one of my family’s many bizarre conversations. I hope it makes you smile.