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Here are links to Myna’s published work. The list might be short now, but it’s going to keep growing!

Little Tiger

A father & son story set in Eastern China in 208 B.C. I hope you like it!


“Jesus Machine”

Featured in Daily Science Fiction, this micro story was inspired by a weird dream about dirty socks and kitchen utensils.


“How to Feed the Yellow Cat”

Featured in Dead Housekeeping, this short essay explores my Grandfather’s complex relationship with Grandma and the cats that ruled their home.


“Product of His Environment”

Featured in the Akashic Books Terrible Twosdays flash series. Who knew kung fu could be so confusing? Please enjoy this short nonfiction story.


“Family Health, Day One”

Featured in the Akashic Books Terrible Twosdays flash series, this short nonfiction piece describes one of my family’s many bizarre conversations. I hope it makes you smile.