Air So Thick

  • Historical flash fiction set in my hometown during the Dust Bowl era, shortly after the massive Black Sunday storm. This story is featured in The Writer’s Cafe Magazine’s Maps & Landscape issue.

Teeth, Hair & Eyes, LLC

  • Featured in the April 2019 issue of Defenestration. Tod’s lost. Merle’s bored. Pearl’s angry. Should these oddball characters be together? And what about the road devil?

Unfit for Domestication

  • Can the memory of a scent make you crazy? Yes, it can. Forthcoming in the garden lit magazine GreenPrints, this nonfiction essay details the antics instigated by our tabletop orange tree.

Little Tiger

  • Featured in Copperfield Review, this is a father & son story set in Eastern China in 208 B.C. I hope you like it!

Good Deal

  • All Red Angus the Goat wants is to sleep on cars and eat vinyl. All Bobbie Sue wants is her wedding ring back. This unlikely team-up won an honorable mention in the WOW! Women on Communication Fall 2018 Flash Fiction Contest. The story also won the popular vote and an editor’s pick in the YeahWrite weekly flash grid in October 2018.

Middle-Aged Dinosaurs

  • T-Rex and Triceratops lounged in their new IKEA armchairs, sipping warm herbal tea and admiring the stars. This is a short nonfiction about happy parents and their occasionally dramatic middle-schooler. Middle-Aged Dinosaurs won the popular vote in the YeahWrite weekly nonfiction grid in January 2019.

Jesus Machine

  • Featured in Daily Science Fiction, this micro story was inspired by a weird dream about dirty socks and kitchen utensils.

How to Feed the Yellow Cat

  • Featured in Dead Housekeeping, this short essay explores my Grandfather’s complex relationship with Grandma and the cats that ruled their home.

Product of His Environment

  • Featured in the Akashic Books Terrible Twosdays flash series. Who knew kung fu could be so confusing? Please enjoy this short nonfiction story.

Family Health, Day One

  • Featured in the Akashic Books Terrible Twosdays flash series, this short nonfiction piece describes one of my family’s many bizarre conversations. I hope it makes you smile.