About Myna

Myna spent too many years writing about turbine lubricants, energy derivatives, and shareholder value. She now focuses on fun stuff, and believes that most things can be improved with a bit of kung fu. 

She also loves:

  • spaceships & time travel
  • secret agents & super villains
  • demigods & dragons
  • goofballs & prodigies*

Myna’s fiction is usually speculative, and her creative nonfiction often tries to be funny. Her work has been featured in Copperfield ReviewDaily Science FictionDead Housekeeping, and the Akashic Books flash web series Terrible TwosdaysShe hopes to add many more publications to this list soon.

Myna grew up in the Oklahoma panhandle, an area known as “No Man’s Land.” Smack-dab in the middle of tornado alley, it’s the former epicenter of the dust bowl. She often explores her grandparents’ remembrances in her writing.

Her recurring nightmares include dust devils full of rattlesnakes. 

She has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism and mass communications, and lots of random art history credits.


*She’s sick of vampires & zombies.