A Few Wins


Despite the utter nastiness of 2020, I had a good year on the writing front. Highlights:

  • Winner, Lascaux Prize in Creative Nonfiction

  • Nominated, Best Microfiction

  • Featured, Best Indie Spec Fic

  • Finalist, New Millennium Writing Flash Fiction Award

  • 30 publication acceptances

  • Placed Top 10 in a handful of fun contests

  • Met a crowd of wonderful writer friends!

Here are a few of the stories:

It was a tough year from a health standpoint — shoulder surgery, kidney stone, associated grumpiness — so I have not been on top of blog updates. And it’s been kinda nice to be free of this godawful new WordPress editor for a few weeks. So I’m putting the blog on hiatus until my shoulder is back to 100 percent, or until I’m feeling energized about it again. In the meantime, thanks for reading my stuff and good luck in the new year!

8 thoughts on “A Few Wins

  1. THIRTY acceptances?!? You are an inspiration. I love your writing, and am grateful in this new year to count you a friend. Wishing you a healthy peaceful and productive 2021–Happy New Year!

  2. Congrats on all the wins and acceptances, Myna! I wish I could find the time to write again, I miss it. Not that I could ever write at your level, or ever could, but I still miss it. LOL

    Hope your Christmas was great and I hope that your 2021 (all of us, actually) is soooo much better than 2020 has been.

    Hugs & smooches,

  3. 30 acceptances! Holy cow. This is great to see, I hope your streak continues!

    Jennifer Worrell *Click here for my website, publication history, and other pertinent links.*

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