Dreams, Encased

My dream suitcase is made of starshine and gooseberries. It holds worlds unexplored, and afternoons I know by heart. I unzip the interlocked stars and wrap myself in their light …

That’s the beginning of my story “Dreams, Encased” from the new ebook Endless Pictures from TL;DR Press, releasing today! My story is included in this fantastic anthology, along with the other top stories from their inaugural flash contest. Proceeds will benefit First Story, a charity that supports young writers. Several of my writer friends also have stories here, so this is extra fun for me.

In my dream, I dream of sleep, but my nestlings demand pointed-toe shoes for their crocodile pets, so I tumble from my perch and offer the sharpest of cuspated footwear…

One of my goals this year is to include older women in my stories. This is the 3rd published so far. Women are so often silenced in our society, especially older women. I want to give voice to this group — my grandmothers, my mom, my friends, and myself. I would love to see more writers featuring vibrant mature characters in compelling settings.

The ebook is available on Amazon for $2.99 here.  

And here’s a link to the press’s info page, with details about the contest, the charity, and links to the author bios.



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