Flash Flood & Dust Storms!

tornado on body of water during golden hour
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

Today is National Flash Fiction Day! I’m thrilled my story Air So Thick is featured in Flash Flood Journal, along with a host of fantastic stories. This is a huge celebration of flash writing and writers, and I’m grateful to be included.

“Air So Thick” has been one of my most successful stories. It’s set on an Oklahoma farm during the Dust Bowl, a few days after the infamous Black Sunday storm. It’s not a true story, but it is based on memories my grandparents shared with me. The Writer’s Cafe Magazine originally published it in their Landscape and Maps issue in July 2019. It also won first place in the Women On Communications Summer 2019 flash fiction contest. I appreciate Flash Flood Journal giving it another home! 

Dust Bowl
DUST BOWL / DUST STORM: Caption reads, “HERE SHE COMES–This wirephoto, made on a ranch near Boise City in Cimarron county, shows the approach of Sunday’s dust storm. The sun had not set when the blow began and some of the lighter dust clouds reflected its rays, but part of the dust was solid black against the sun.” Associated Press Wirephoto. Published 4/16/1935 in The Daily Oklahoman This photo ran a second time, 6/27/1971 in The Daily Oklahoman with the following caption: A ‘black roller’ dust storms swirls down on a ranch yard near Boise City, Okla., in 1935. In the ‘Dust Bowl’ year from 1934 through 1938, there were 263 such dust storms recorded in Texas and Oklahoma alone. Some areas lost as much as a foot of topsoil to the winds. (AP Photo) This photo ran a third time in The Daily Oklahoman on 8/29/1976 with the following caption: Black dusters like this 1938 storm near Boise City brought hard times to Oklahoma farmers during the Depression years. (Date discrepancy was published as typed here.)

2 thoughts on “Flash Flood & Dust Storms!

  1. So much accomplished in such a short space. Of course it would not be a Flash if that wasn’t true (duh-uh-huh-huh). I admire people who can write effectively in this million angels on a head of a pin form.

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