New story in LOL Comedy!

agriculture animal blur close up
Photo by Leroy Huckett on

Check out my new story in Little Old Lady Comedy! The Posh City follows a couple of older women on their way to monthly book club meeting. Stuck on a runaway three-wheeler and pursued by a deranged goat, Ernestine and Imogene eat fancy brownies and make plans for the future. This story is absolutely NOT set in my hometown. Honest.

This is my first story to appear in Little Old Lady Comedy. I hope to have more humor to submit to them soon. I enjoy their stories, so it’s fun to be included.

One of my goals this year is to include older women in my writing. I want to show them (us) as vibrant individuals with complex lives. Women face many hurdles in our society, and older women have the added insult of being ignored or discarded. I hope we can change this dynamic by welcoming our elderly back into our lives, listening to their words, and giving them voice.

Please enjoy my story.

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