Water-Skiing Dinosaur: Coming Soon!

furious gravity covers-penultimate2

I think it’s important for women to state their accomplishments loud and with pride, even though it’s not always easy to do so. After all, we’ve been trained since birth to show modesty, be polite, stay quiet. I say fuck that. We work hard and accomplish great things, despite all the cards stacked against us. It’s truly not a moral failing for us to say: “Look at this cool thing I did!” 

So, with that in mind, take a look at this fantastic book cover — see my name in the list of authors? Yeah, baby, I’m in there! And see those other names? These writers are a BIG DEAL. They’ve published award-winning novels, collections, short stories, and memoirs. They are teachers, leaders, mentors, and friends. A few of them are my own good friends, and I’m beyond thrilled to be included with them.

Furious Gravity IX

A Grace and Gravity Anthology

Edited by Melissa Scholes Young

Available May 1

My story “Driving Like a Boss” is about a water-skiing dinosaur. It’s also about an introverted mom trying to advocate for her kid in a hyper-competitive DC suburb. I consider the story to be “speculative memoir,” but most people would probably call it fiction. Whatever the label, it’s one of my favorites so I am grateful to the editor, Melissa Scholes Young, for choosing it. 

This stupid pandemic has delayed the launch parties, which were scheduled in April and May. We hope the events will be possible this summer. The fabulous Politics & Prose bookstore is hosting a live stream launch event on May 10.

The book will be available on May 1 through Politics & Prose. They will ship it to you free if you order before March 31. You can order it here.  

I’m excited and proud to be a contributor to this anthology. I hope you will read it, and I hope you love my dinosaur.

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