New CNF in Atlas and Alice

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The fabulous Atlas and Alice is featuring my creative nonfiction Playground Justice today.

This is a “breathless” flash—almost one thousand words—written as a single sentence. I used paragraph-style spacing to make it welcoming to the eye, but I hope you will feel compelled to race through it without pausing. I’ve seen several excellent breathless pieces over the last few years, and I was eager to give the form a try. It turned out better than I’d hoped.

The story centers on a fourth grade playground incident, drawing together themes of my childhood in a small-minded farm town in the 1970s. Tackling this subject matter was tough, and hitting the send button was excruciating. I don’t usually share such personal stories. A couple of friends helped me feel brave enough to send it out. I’m grateful for their support.

Kristen Ploetz, CNF editor at Atlas and Alice, was a dream to work with. If anyone is on the fence about submitting a personal story, go ahead and submit it to A&A—you won’t be sorry.

5 thoughts on “New CNF in Atlas and Alice

  1. While I’m horrified that you had to suffer such abuse by another child, I’m furious that the teacher also added to that abuse. Had a teacher tone this to my child, she’d be in jail, the child in juvenile detention and I’d have dared everyone to do a damned thing to punish my chid for defending herself.

    I didn’t have to go through this myself as a child, only at home did I have this abuse.

    You are a brilliant writer and when you tell a story, you transport me into it and I experience it with you.

    Fantastic story, honey!!! I loved but hated that you had to experience it.

  2. Myna, you are and have always been a badass!! I always looked up to you! Thanks for sharing the passion and pain of this memory, and also for introducing this writing style to me. I would say you nailed it!!

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