Winner: WOW! Summer 2019 Flash Contest

Dust Bowl

I’m thrilled my story “Air So Thick” won top honors in the WOW! Women on Writing Summer 2019 Flash Contest! Check it out, and while you’re there, take a look at the other fantastic stories featured.

“Air So Thick” is one of several stories inspired by my childhood growing up in the Oklahoma panhandle, where I learned to hate the wind. Gusts up to 60 mph were a daily occurrence, whipping grit into your eyes and mouth, and scouring the skin on your bare legs if you were foolish enough to wear shorts on a bad day.

As bad as I thought I had it, my grandparents suffered so much more. 

Dire monikers were coined to describe their place and time — the Dirty 30s, Tornado Alley, the Dust Bowl. Their childhood years were scarred by environmental disaster and economic ruin.

“… a dust cloud … hundreds of miles wide and thousands of feet high … it turned a sunny day totally dark.” –

Reminders of the Dust Bowl still lingered into the 1970s, when I so dearly wished for a clear day to play outside. It makes no sense for me to write about this thing that I despise, but I keep coming back to the topic. Guess my grandparents’ stories still haunt me. 

Several of my other Black Sunday stories are out there with various publications right now. I hope some of them are accepted.

Wish me luck and calm air.

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