First Impressions


I’m thrilled Funny Pearls chose to feature my nonfic story “First Impressions.” This is the true story of Dolores the Raccoon and her ongoing campaign to take over my house. She’s a determined little terrorist. Her baby, pictured here, spewed hissing rowling tiger noises the whole time we tried to get him out of our living room. In hindsight, we realize the light was too bright for his eyes. I hope their story makes you smile.

Funny Pearls is a gorgeous online magazine, with beautiful design and fun stories. The editors are fantastic to work with. I’m so happy they’ve given Dolores, and her cute baby hellspawn, a virtual home.

“First Impressions” began as a contest entry for a YeahWrite Super Challenge. Thanks, as always, to YeahWrite for the great prompts, and to the mob of friends who reviewed the story for me.

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