Midnight at the Crossroads Diner


I fell in love with Twist in Time Literary Magazine when I read their first issue. Time and history — what’s not to love! I’m not sure the editors could be any cooler; they sent the funniest acceptance letter I’ve ever seen.

I’m thrilled my short story Midnight at the Crossroads Diner is featured in Issue 5, which is live today. I hope you’ll check it out! While you’re there, look at the other stories and poems, all accompanied by gorgeous artwork.

This story is set in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, in 1970. It began as an entry to the YeahWrite Super Challenge. The prompts were a mashup of historical fiction and magical realism. As always, it was a fun contest. I had a blast researching the “27 Club” and all its spooky coincidences, and I ended up with Janis Joplin songs stuck in my all week.

I’ve never been to Tishomingo, but I did spend a lot of my childhood in my Mom’s diner in the desolate Oklahoma panhandle. Can you blame me for writing a story of a young girl who wants to escape, to find something bigger and better?

Please enjoy this story.

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