New Story in Enchanted Conversation

Penny Poisonmonger - CHANG - Cover A

The lovely folks at Enchanted Conversation accepted my flash fairy tale “Penny the Poisonmonger: An Origin Story” and it’s live today! I love the artwork they chose to illustrate the story, so I’m going to post it everywhere possible. Ha!

Lots of people helped shape this story. It began as a prompted assignment in a recent YeahWrite Super Challenge, and then went through two workshops and several fantastic beta readers. I’m grateful to be part of such a supportive community of writers and artists.

The star of my story, Penny, is a fantastic cook. After a lifetime of disappointments, she is finally pushed over the edge by a simple piece of burnt toast. I hope you enjoy the story!

Tales From Beyond the Woods - AUGUST 2019 - Cover A

“Penny the Poisonmonger: An Origin Story” at Enchanted Conversation: Fairy Tales, Folktales & Myths


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