Teeth, Hair & Eyes, LLC

roadway during golden hour
Photo by Marcos Miranda on Pexels.com

My short story “Teeth, Hair & Eyes, LLC” is featured in the April issue of Defenestration. It’s live today!

Three oddball characters meet up with a little road devil on a deserted stretch of Idaho highway.

Defenestration is a literary magazine dedicated to humor. I love anything dedicated to humor, especially if they agree to run my humor. Check it out if you have an extra minute. While you’re there, take a peek at the other stories featured in this issue. I hope you have at least three loud snorting belly laughs while you read.

This story began in response to a complex set of prompts from my writing group: a feeling of bewilderment, evening time, and the song “Spill the Wine.” The goal was to produce a story for the second Scribes Divided anthology, Dread Naught but Time. As the book began to take shape, I realized my story was the only attempt at comedy. It didn’t fit the tone or style of the other stories, so I pulled it. Thanks to Defenestration for giving my little orphan story a good home!


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