How to Feed the Yellow Cat

grandpa new scan011
This is my grandfather, Charles, in 1942. His birthday is coming up next week; he would have been 96.

Wasn’t Grandpa cute? I think so, and I’m thrilled to announce literary journal Dead Housekeeping is featuring a short essay about him today: “How to Feed the Yellow Cat.”

Dead Housekeeping offers a unique opportunity to remember and celebrate loved ones who have passed on. Each short story brings a specific “how to” into sharp focus. From their web page:

When people die we can still clearly picture the way they did things. We don’t remember our departed in a vacuum, but in motion, in particular. We can still see and sense “how they did it” years after the doer’s deaths. This is a heartfelt look at loss through the lens of the home.

I hope you can take a moment to catch this little glimpse of Grandpa’s personality. I tried to show the complex relationship he had with Grandma, and the cats that ruled their home — in less than 250 words.

Check it out here.

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